Oh look. A dancing Groot in Mineworld’s Edgetown this week. :D

(via nerdcrafteria)

I’m leaving on a 3-week trip tomorrow. This is what I leave behind to advertise my shop, at least until Tuesday.

I won’t post again until the 30th. Bye guys! <3

Another amazing build, cleverly blended in to nature. Creator unknown.

Wow. Just wow.

Found this cute little build just out of Minington. Don’t know who made it.

Cloud pods build hovering above the ground just on the outskirts of Minington. It’s four little homes away from home <3

Made by BirdyNerd.

A lovely scenic garden by someone who identifies themself as “JS”.

Found an odd little farm. Not sure who made it, but it’s pretty interesting to look at.

An amazingly cute build by AlexEskimo.

A lovely quartz and stained glass building by sunscreeen7.